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Music artist, Vanelli, is known for her witty lyricism and true devotion to artistic sincerity.

Born and Raised in Miami by her Cuban Father and Puerto Rican Mother, the passion for music and dancing is second nature to her. As the years went by her artistic roots grew deep into a wide range of musical genres. Some of her major influences include Lauryn Hill, Eminem, and Alanis Morisette, just to name a few. With all the ambition and determination creating thee experimental-indie-rap artist, known today as Vanelli, was now manifested and set loose onto the music industry.

Currently, Vanelli has been performing her original music in a variety of venues from Miami's first bar, Tobacco Road, all the way down to Homestead Air Force Base's Annual Wings Over Miami Car Show. With many more dreams and goals to achieve, it is fair to presume that Vanelli is a progressing force with no intention of ever surrendering.

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