DD LUXZ is everything you want it to be. Many things you’ve been looking for in music that you just can’t seem to find too much of these days. DD LUXZ is rock when you want it. Hip-Hop when you want it. It’s ever changing, evolving. It’s a blend of everything that was done right by music and as organic as one could possibly ever hope music to be. Some may say it’s that initial breath-taking experience you feel wash over you as soon as you put on a DD LUXZ song and hear Brian Aleman’s distinct and charming voice seductively creep its way into the most secure part of your brain. Some may even say it’s in one of Eric Ashtin’s thought-provoking raps that often times come tumbling towards you with such vividness and imagery, poetry and passion that make it difficult not to imagine a heartbeat thumping behind every word. Some would even argue that it lies in the handsome and cleverly crafted ambiences, solos and textures that only someone as artistically and beautifully haunted as Xavi Dominguez can provide from a guitar. Acoustically, electrically and anywhere in between DD LUXZ has proven themselves as musicians with a knack for the good stuff. Laced with undeniable chemistry, their songs are melodies meant to be heard and a band meant to be felt. The line of genre’s begin to blur when it comes to the style of music that influences and inspire these talented group of musicians. Equipped with a powerful and mind-blowing live performance that tends to include anything from improvisational jams, remixes and, of course, ample amounts of original material, it’s hard to keep still if you’re watching this group perform in front of you. Anyway you cut it; DD LUXZ is everything your eardrums could ask from a band and more.

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